Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a new invoice type?

Not yet however, these questions are part of our future roadmap.


Can I import or download data?

Not yet however, these questions are part of our future roadmap.


Can I add multiple e-mail addresses for the reminders?

Not yet however, these questions are part of our future roadmap.


Can I add multiple currencies?

No however you can choose a default currency in your settings page.


How does my Analytics page work?

It forecasts your future income which is broken down into categories for easy consumption.


Why don’t I receive a cockadoodledoo audio notification when an invoice reminder comes through?

Unfortunately email technology has not caught up to our standards yet.


How do I pay?

We only accept Paypal at this time.


Does Roostalert allow me to track what invoices are paid?

Yes just click inside each invoice to access further details.


Does Roostalert show me if I have missed multiple invoices?

A counter shows you how many invoices have been missed and if you click inside them, you access further details.


How do I remove a future reminder?

Delete the entry.


How do I edit a future reminder?

Click on the title and utilise the edit button.


What is Roostalert?

Roostalert is an invoice reminder site alerting you by email when invoices are due, so that you can ensure payment is made on time based on your choice of setting schedules. Sign up for a FREE month trial!


How Does it work?

Register and once logged in, you can select a date and time to receive your e-reminders that are synced up with your invoice data.


How long is the free trial?

One month.


How often will I get reminders?

This depends on your settings and the data provided.


Can I set a specific time to receive my notifications?

Alerts are sent out 24 hours before they are due and if set will take your time zone in to consideration. This can be edited in your accounts page.


How many reminders can I add?



How do I add an invoice reminder?

Use the add form on your dashboard.


I’m not getting my email reminder?

Check your spam settings.


How do I cancel my account?

Visit your account page and there is a link to cancel your membership. Please note your data will remain on our system and you can reactivate by navigating to the account page and completing Paypal subscription.


Who can I contact if I need help?



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